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Highest Quality Nonferrous Alloys


Beryllium Copper Properties.png

Beryllium can be alloyed with non-ferrous metals to improve strength through precipitation hardening. Liberty is a leader in RWMA Class 3 & 4 beryllium copper castings used in a variety of applications from welding guns to undersea modules. For applications where strength, conductivity, and corrosion resistance are key, beryllium copper castings have been the best solutions.

Available Copper Alloys:
C81500 / RWMA Class 2 Copper
C82200 / RWMA Class 3 Copper / 
Beryllium 30C
C82800/  RWMA Class 4 Copper / Beryllium 275C

C17000, C17200, C17410, C17500, C17530, C17540 CW103C, C18000, 

C81400 Beryllium 70C

C82000 Beryllium 10C

C82200 Beryllium 30C

C82400 Beryllium 165C

C82500 Beryllium 20C

C82510 Beryllium 21C

C82600 Beryllium 245C

Available Aluminum Alloys:

H2005 5% BeAl Master (3-4oz specimens)

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