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Highest Quality Nonferrous Alloys



Many types of Brass and Bronze castings are available from Liberty Cast Products. All of the Brass and Bronze castings manufactured by us are made from high grade certified ingot.
Available Bronze Alloys are:
C85700 Yellow Brass
C95400 Aluminum Bronze, CDA 954, (Ampco 18)
C95500 Nickel Aluminum Bronze
C92200 Navy Bronze
Manganese Bronze:
C86300, SAE 430-B, High Strength Manganese Bronze
C86500, SAE 43, Manganese Bronze
Brass, Bearing Bronze, Gear Bronze:
C83600, SAE 40, 85-5-5-5 Red Brass
C90700, SAE 65 Gear Bronze, Silicon Bronze
C93200, SAE 660 Bearing Bronze

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